The Truth about Robocall Blocking Apps

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Most robocall blocking apps out there use the same technique to try to stop spam, robocall, and other unwanted calls from annoying you. And for the most part... they simply don't work. I know, because I've tried them. Some of these apps may have worked pretty well in the past, but in the last year or so especially, the number of spam calls has hit a ramp, essentially making these apps useless. Some apps try to add gimmicks that are portrayed as wasting the spammer's time, but that's all it is, a gimmick. And it won't stop you from being bothered from that same person again tomorrow or from anyone else that might try.

How these apps work is they download a continuously-updated list of numbers associated with robocall or spam activity. These lists are compiled by users of the app reporting calls as spam and from third-party data providers. The problem though is that the unscrupulous characters trying to call you can "spoof" or fake a phone number so that it appears to be from the same area code as you (maybe it's an acquaintance or local business?), or simply use a rotating list of their own numbers.


The situation that you end up with is a cat-and-mouse game where a spammer calls you one day, you block it, and then the next day they call you with a different number. You'll die before you ever win at this game. This is why this solution hasn't solved the problem and never will.

My own frustrations with this is why I decided to make my own app. MyHumans is a new iPhone app that takes the opposite approach. With a simple toggle of a switch in the app, any call from a number that isn't in your contacts on your phone will be immediately sent to voicemail. No disturbance, annoyance, or distraction. If the call is important, the person will leave a voicemail. You can review any voicemails later at a time that works for you, on your terms! I've solved my own frustration with spam calls by creating MyHumans. I think it might work for you as well. I hope you decide to try it out. Any feedback would be much appreciated: [email protected]

Sean Lavine

MyHumans Creator

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